On March 10th 2018, we had the pleasure of launching Women of Value's mentorship program in Accra, Ghana.

Through the program, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many amazing women who have brought to light many issues that plague the country. These women have undergone many traumatic experiences which could have been prevented had they had access to certain opportunities. Many of these women are now plagued with issues stemming from poverty, domestic abuse, poor marriages, joblessness, homelessness, and many more. 

The legacy of the organization is to transform the lives of the women we encounter. We have been able to lift the burden of some of these women, and wish to continue to do so by building a vocational school in Ghana which will provide them with a basic post-secondary education and job training for those who were unable to afford or obtain basic education. The school will comprise of homemaking, sewing, cosmetology, and entrepreneurial skills. We strongly believe “education is freedom” and want to create self-sufficiency, an economically independent communities, while contributing to the financial welfare of Ghana as a nation.

Building a vocational school will make that possible for young girls and women, by providing hands-on training for those who did not have the opportunity to seek basic education. Along with these things, the school will also provide basic health education such as; birth control, cancer, HIV and other communicable diseases while ultimately providing a safe haven for the downtrodden.

We are an organization with great need, but few hands. We have assisted many women through mentorship, financial empowerment, financial assistance, and training/ workshops on various topics, however, we are looking to move great mountains that can only be done with your help. We want you to partner with us through this journey. With this first goal, we will be able to purchase the land and begin construction of the vocational school. New goals will progressively be set to meet the demands of building a school.
We thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us, we ask you to join us in fulfilling the vision of “The Hope Project”!

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We are so grateful for your partnership.