Ruth Yeboah

Ruth Yeboah received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University in Utah in 2007. She also holds  a  Masters of Social Work degree from Widener University. She started her career with the New York City Administration for Children's Services (ACS) as a Child Protective Specialist (CPS) and continued within the foster care system as a case manager, working with young children and teen moms. She worked for the United States Air Force advocating for military families. Ruth has over a decade worth of experience in trauma and child abuse/neglect. She is a nationally certified Victim Advocate. Her experiences denote the core of her philanthropic heart.

Ruth is talented in various areas such as teaching, advocacy, ministering, and public speaking. As founder of Women of Value INC., a non-profit organization focused on enriching the lives of women. She provides simple tools for women to accomplish their goals and rid themselves of any toxins hindering their dreams. Ruth is dedicating her many talents to ensure women can identify and fulfill their divine purpose. She is also a fashion designer and a marriage coach.

She is a wife and mom to two vibrant daughters. Ruth loves to travel, dance, write, and cook. Speaking with Ruth is always a soothing encounter.

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Jeanne believes the ability to change a single person's world, can make a difference in the entire world.  She strives to empower others to take control of their lives. Jeanne has experience in working with substance abuse and human trafficking cases and understands the importance of trauma-informed care. Jeanne holds a Bachelors in Social Work from Coppin State University and holds a Masters of Social Work degree from Walden University. She is currently a therapist and is married with two daughters as well. 


Jeanne Atanga


Recently highlighted for black history month as the youngest black female senior executive in her agency, Shawnta Salazar has always been a trail blazer and a force in the social services sector. At age 32 Shawnta leads a team of Directors operating group homes, community residences, shelters and housing programs that provide housing for our most vulnerable populations in New York City. Shawnta’s passion for this work ignited at a very early age as she witnessed the impact of poverty, mental illness, substance abuse and educational inequities in her own family. Now as Senior Vice President of Residential and Housing Programs at Heartshare St. Vincent’s Services she works tirelessly to improve outcomes for individuals facing the same hardships her and her family faced. Since joining the team at HSVS she has grown the division by opening two shelters for women and children, doubled the supported housing program for individuals facing homelessness or who have been chronically Homeless, opened one of the first Youth Reception Centers for youth newly entering the child welfare system under the Administration for Children’s Services and expanded programming for children in need of robust mental health services under the Office of Mental Health.

Service Chair

Shawnta Salazar


Deidra believes that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.  She strives to help others understand that self-love is not a destination, but an ongoing journey of recognizing that feeling happy, loved, worthy, and healthy are all an inside job.  Ms. Saina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has over 25 years of experience in the counseling field where she specializes in trauma-informed care. 

Fundraising  Chair

Deidra Saina